ROJA ART LAB is an artist-run, non-profit initiative, which provides a creative arena for artists who are ambitious about their work and open to the challenges of an environment that demands experimentation, cooperation and exchange. We are looking for participants who will engage with local community, investigate and reflect on materials and place and utilize innovative uses of various media (installation, land art, performance, video, sound, painting, sculpture, ceramics, time-based, photography, etc.) The residency culminates in a public celebration, performances and exhibition of individual and collaborative works that have emerged over the time of interacting together for 15 days.

ROJA ART LAB removes artists geographically and conceptually from their routine studio practice and brings them together to work in a way that is mutually beneficial–contributing to developing an international dialogue that explores our cultural and parochial differences while celebrating our commonalities. We are very interested in new forms and approaches to working that could potentially change the outcome of site-specificity related to the residency.

ROJA ART LAB is organized by NGO “Art Group ROKU” – curator Māris Grosbahs.