ROJA ART LAB noslēguma programma

ROJA ART LAB. 22. July – 4. August 2018.

Hi everyone, if you are sitting in the back garden lounging in the sun you might like to listen in to ‘Signals From Another World’ – a live radio broadcast from Roja Art Lab everyday this week. Selected by artists, writers, poets, and musicians from Latvia, USA, UK, and Germany, the playlist explores sound, music, […]

Call for artists 2018!

ROJA ART LAB Location: Roja, Latvia Dates: July 20th – August 5th, 2018 Short-term artist in residence program ROJA ART LAB is currently accepting applications for the summer of 2018. Located in a small seaside town in Latvia, this residence program attracts vibrant international emerging and mid-career artists. It provides an opportunity to create experimental and/or site-specific artwork and is open to all […]


Programm 2017

Today from 16h to 18h! See you in Pop up show!!!

(Small preview of what to expect on Saturday!!!)