Agata Engelman /PL/DE/

“We set fire to the sea.” Local clay / intervention

As a result of our action and inaction, fate, and processes we often don’t understand, we now find ourselves at a sea with little oxygen and life. Native cod perishes and the invaders – toxic glowing seaweed and aggressive overgrown round goby – come to take their place. Through a periscope of a nuclear submarine, leaking poison into the waters, we see the whole world at war. Talismans made of local clay, representing both the old and the new, the human, animal, plant, inorganic and symbolic inhabitants of the Baltic were fired in a ceremonial bonfire closing the exhibition, and will be thrown into the sea at sunrise in a hopeless attempt at reconciliation.

Agata Engelman combines art practice and research in contemporary philosophy, investigating our relations with nature, with particular interest in novel ecosystems, cohabitation, and invasive/native species division.