Agnieszka Foltyn /NZ/NO/PL/


A performative intervention supporting the Roja film festival. POPCORN draws connections between the history of Roja as a small fishing village and its role in contemporary life, bridging these through hospitality-based art. Local actors symbolize ties to history while performing a service that is conspicuously missing from the outdoor film festival (and yet is not necessary) and which is often taken for granted in other film milieux. POPCORN disrupts the visual language of capital in its DIY aesthetic and relies heavily on temporary forms of community engagement to form relations across generations, distance, and time. POPCORN owes everything to its performers and their authentic ties to the actual life and legacy of Roja. 

The Delphi Oracle 

The Delphi Oracle is a performative intervention of mythic prophecies. Surrounded by historically symbolic, local herbal specimens in an intimate setting, the High Priestess Pythia and her fellow High Priestess of Apollo spin a narrative of prophecy tailored to each individual seeker. The project plays on the entanglement of symbolism and collective memory through the narratives of humanity’s collective myths, legends, and folk tales.

Agnieszka Foltyn is an interdisciplinary artist and curator living and working in Trondheim. Her practice is centred on the affective possibilities of relation between time, memory, space, and experience. Her practice explores the spectrum of possibilities for artistic interventions in the public, semi-public and private spheres, continuously establishing a dialogue about art in a variety of media, forms, spaces, and moments.