Andris Landaus and Gundega Evelone /LV/

„Mistification ”Ocean Hill 3””

Installation in 3 parts (5x150x100m, wood, plastic screen, paint), 3 view points (0,5×0,5×0,5m, playwood, organic glass, paint).

Artists give you opportunity to see vision how world’s mighty cruise ship has come in port of Roja – fake “Ocean Hill”, double-ganger of the biggest entertainment ship nowdays.

The famous dock was built in 2000-something year to receive tourists from neighbouring countries. Regrettably the only one tourist ship came to port and plans were cancelled.

Authors of artwork invites do not to forget this great idea and to dream boldly how it would look like with  help of grand mural.

Spectators are invited to follow graphic instructions and look into 3 viewing points and to see perspectivly perfect illusion of grand ship “Ocean Hill 3” – all parts of mural will make body of ship in correct scale according to Roja port.