Augustas Serapinas /LT/

“Cinema. Art. Culture”

I illegally got in one of the many abandon buildings in Roja and started to clean there.  My „entrance“ was at three meters high. Every time when I needed to change the water or take the rubbish away I needed to climb. I spent a lot of time there. Illegally cleaning the abandon building to make something for the RojaL I found three blue bags full of rubbish which were there before my intervention.

The RojaL festival colour is a blue, the key words are cinema, art and culture (in Latvian “Kino. Māksla. Kultūra”). Roja reflected to my activity for the RojaL art lab. The bags were already prepared with the right colour and quantity. I just needed to start what was already finished.

The result of my activity is a photo. I exposed it in one of the festival organizers workshop.