Christoph Mügge /SE/DE/

“Baltic Sea Turtle”

Installation / intervention.

“Baltic Sea Turtle” is a sculptural intervention that completes pieces of concrete rubble found at the beach with poured concrete. Together they form an installation that seems to be the entrance of a sea side bunker – shaped like an abstracted turtle. Christoph Mügge has used turtles extensively as a metaphor for shelter. The triangle is another recurring icon that he has used in his current work. (A blue triangle on an orange square is the international symbol for fallout shelters and civil defense.) The intention is to make passersby critically engage in deeper contemplation about urgent societal questions. Is there a need for bunkers? Who can be given access to the safe oasis that has a cozy interior but can be seen as a sinister fortress from the outside. How long could we survive without influences of the world around us?

Christoph Mügge is a painter, draftsman, and sculptor based in Sweden . His art often features towers, bridges, machines, or scaffolding, rendering the landscape desolate and abandoned by life.