Elīna Cērpa /LV/

“Walking towards the light, crossing five bridges of breathing and chaos”

A performance that was created as a walk, in the Roja forest, with a small group of people who started in the night and ended in the morning. A collective togetherness was traveling from darkness towards the light. Five bridges were five performative moments, based on historical artifacts that were found in the forest and historical events which took place there during the Soviet era. A participatory performance invited people to make a connection with their memories, intuition, through walking in the night, together, relying on one’s own vision and senses.

Elīna Cērpa has studied film directing in Riga and Das Arts MA in Theatre Arts, and has directed productions at the New Riga Theatre, Valmiera Drama Theatre, etc. Her work has been described as a combination of (documentary) theatre, photography and politics.