Gints Gabrāns /LV/

“SAN Roja”

The work of the artist, Gints Gabrans, a shoal, which levitates above the sea, or arriving from space, can be seen with a smart device using the augmented reality application, which can be downloaded from ‘’.

“SAN” is a GPS-based augmented reality mobile application. The application was created using a completely new and world-unique solution that allows you to create GPS-based large-scale virtual structures that appear on a smart device as augmented reality 3D objects. They can be seen in real place from different points of view, and you can move through them. Virtual objects have an independent GPS location in the room without optical markers or planes, as in other augmented reality applications.

The project with the application SAN can be seen up to 15 km from Roja, but the best place to see it is the beach. 

Gints Gabrāns is a well-known contemporary artist from Latvia. He is the founder of a GPS-based augmented reality mobile app, SAN, and the author of numerous large-scale virtual art pieces, which can be spotted all across the globe.