Ieva Bertašiūte-Grosbaha /LT/LV/


Installation. Video, found objects, clay, water, photography etc.

“In this work I have been studying the qualities of clay. Ceramics as a branch roots deep in the arts and crafts traditions. Clay, the basic material of the field, has very special and unique features – plasticity, tenderness, softness and hardness, timileness and longevity,etc. In the  creation process, when using this well known and natural material, I was playing with the materiality and the process, combining it with the simplest kitchen materials – oil, yeast, sugar and others.  By adding additives to clay, new  unseen, unbelievable features appear. This clay bubble, rises up and down, boils, performs other unthinkable actions, drawing various temporary and unique patterns. By using  modern technologies, the creative process immortalizes the activity of the material. The video installation  “Molis” is the craft’s , represented by a material,  reflection in the modern art.?

* Molis – in Lithuanian means both clay and pier.