Krisjanis Rijnieks /LV/

“Roadside Object”, Krišjānis Rijnieks /LV/

Someone else have visited Roja to leave it. It is not known whether there was a reason for the visitation, but if examined closely, one can notice patterns that reveal data structures about the amount of collected income tax from the inhabitants of Roja and how it relates to expenses towards education and religion by the local government.

Since recently citizens of Latvia have access to open data related to their own country. Data sets cover areas such as health, energy, culture, science and more. It can be accessible through the internet via the address This installation is an artistic data exploration with the intention to motivate to review personal methods of forming an opinion and an invitation to take a look at ourselves from far above.

The author, Krisjanis Rijnieks, is a new media artist who explores the possibilities of the modern day media and fabrication technology to create potentially thought-provoking artefacts to penetrate mindsets prone to hatred rooted in grim perception of subjectively-declared absolute truth.