Project RAL + RAP

In the Fall of 2021, as a way of ensuring the continuity of the creative process with the Roja Art Laboratory (RAL), and with the support of the VKKF, a collaborative project was created. This work of visual art was generated through an open workshop, one that facilitated the collaboration of Roja High School students, teacher Juris Viļamas, guests and residents of Roja, and the supervisor of the project and artist, Māris Grosbahs. The majority of the sculpture was fabricated with recycled material, providing remnants of prior symposia, projects and individuals, bringing an added level of local history to the object. An experimental kiln was then created on the site where the original brick and iron kiln was located during the Duchy of Courland. After the firing process is complete, the object will then be relocated into the nearby urban environment of Roja.The firing, installation, and display of the sculpture will coincide with the official opening of the Roja Art Park (RAP), scheduled to take place in the Spring of 2022.