Oskars Redbergs /LV/

Design of Equilibrium

Roja’s Universe Equilibrium represented in the form of the flag features two equal horizontal bands with a traffic-signal-coloured vertical rectangle on the hoist side. The top band (bluish grey 1) represents the upper interface and the atmospheric state. The bottom band (greenish grey 2) depicts the lower interface of the ground and seawater’s form. The two horizontal bands together are featuring and framing the apparent event horizon towards which the further interference of interfaces is observed. The signal-coloured vertical rectangle derived from the light beacons serves as a geographic location marker and a colour rendition sample for colour calibration of the notable events. Sunlight scattering filters of Sunset and Sunrise non-selectively modifies the component wavelength of mixed light before it strikes the recording medium. 

The events taking place within the event horizon are recorded by the observer from two locations, e.g., Northwest and Southeast moles and at two different moments of the day. The observer’s position relative to the horizon is potentially vertical, maintaining balance and using the biocular “seagazing” method. The process of capturing the sense of place and events taking place within the event horizon is replicable; however, the results depend on subjective measurements produced either by regularities or coincidences. The Roja’s Universe Equilibrium attempts to objectivize the individual experience of the sense of the place.

NW Column / ZR Kolonna

Nr. Int (C): C3489.4. Location and name of AtoN / Atrašanās vieta un NTL nosaukums: PORT OF ROJA. SE mole light beacon / ROJAS OSTA. DA mola ugunszīme. Position / Koordinātas: 57°30.62’ N; 22°48.83’ E. Light description / Uguns raksturojums: Fl.R.3s. Elevation of light (m) / Uguns augst. (m): 6. Range of light (M) / Uguns redzamība (j.j.): 2. Description of structure, height (m) from ground level, topmarks: Red round column with platform on top 3 / Konstrukcijas apraksts, augstums (m) no pamatnes, topzīmes: Sarkana, apaļa kolonna ar platformu augšdaļā 3. Remarks / Papildus informācija: 00.5+(02.5). Colour / Krāsa: RAL 2009 –Traffic orange / satiksmes oranžā.