Petr Laden AND Masha Fomenko /Great Circus of Failure/ /RU/

Welcome to Roja is an interactive performance created with the local community during a residency in Roja Art Lab, Latvia in July-August 2019.

Romantic journey through well-known and very secret locations of Roja. A map of the city based on personal embodied experiences, meetings, and talks with members of Roja community, encounters with local nature and rituals, memories of the past, and imaginary of now. All these reworked into a small gentle situation of joyful coexistence on stage: playing, dancing, running, trying to build things, and communicating. The performance had multiple layers of happening: voice narrative activated by the audience using a special constructed interface, performers and interactions, activating objects and props.

Great Circus of Failure was founded by Masha Fomenko and Petr Laden in spring 2018. Working with interactive performances and new media, Circus explores forms of co-creation and fragile spaces of coexistence.