TAKE 2030 (Ilze Black /LV/UK/ and Shu Lea Cheang /TW/)


“Empathy Transmission workshop.”

The imaginable/inevitable net-crash prescribes conversion of tech and humans. The world has adopted quantum physics as mainstream, quantum tunnelling induces sensation, bio-neuro-communication and LiFi networking is the next wave. Either we are empathetic hopefuls or the apathetic lost-souls, can empathy/apathy be transmitted? or mutually intoxicate? The Empathy Transmission workshop, set during the Roja Art Lab 2018, was an opportunity to test one’s empathetic score and to explore the possible transmission scenarios in an open social setting. The workshop was part of Take2030 ongoing project HOODIE2030 that envisions the future were body-sensing hoodies, floating in a public space, expose data transmissions and create sense-data soundscapes.

The collective TAKE2030is a brave new media society and operates in parallel net media scheme and shifts the social media mission into hypermedia playing fields. The main focus of our work, for many years, has been an artistic exploration of emergent technologies and in particular its network paradigm. Our networked performances have been on the forefront of network technological experiments, most significantly the artistic use of the early WiFi and mesh network technologies. Through artistic means and collaborations with researchers and developers, in Europe and Asia, we have imagined and performed scenarios for possible future visions that emerging technologies will bring to our daily lives.