Trey Hill /US/


The piece I built titled “Jumis” was influenced by local imagery as well as as well as imagery that I use commonly in my own work.  The ceramic tree is meant to be a symbol of support, the cast concrete element also represents support with in the piece. I was struck by the backing of the community for the Rojal Laboratory as well as the supportive nature of the community.  

Many classical Greek and Roman sculptures are built with a support, a carved stone element typically in the shape of a tree trunk that supports the weight of the figure and allows the sculpture to stand. The support is meant to be inconspicuous, unseen – yet it is instrumental to the form. In my current work I use the tree element as a metaphor for what goes unseen but is essential to our existence.”

Trey Hill is a professional sculptor and Associate Professor at The University of Montana where he teaches in both the ceramics and sculpture.