Vasili Macharadze /GEO/DE/


Light installation / intervention.

Being present implies digesting the past, even if challenged with those of tuffs hard to swallow. And it can be that even with all of the ideological sets and supplementary pills for painless immersion, we find ourselves it total alienation to the recent past. History disguises itself in a threating obscurity, perhaps imaginary, perhaps real, but always staggering. Be it concrete remnants in the forest, mines in the sea or ambiguous structures in-between, always supplied with shock of unexpectedness when encountered. And perhaps we are left now only with this feeling of uncanniness, and perhaps only with some digital gadgets capable to depict remaining strings of lost communications.

Object is autonomous infrared light installation installed on one of the towers remained from the WW2. Charged during the daytime, it spreads an invisible light signal during the night, impossible to detect by the naked eye, but only with digital cameras or mobile phones.