Žilvinas Landzbergas /LT/

“Roja, forever dream” 

Rojas pilsētvide
(bijušās attīrīšanas iekārtas).

“Roja, forever dream” 2012  it’s a piece dedicated specially to the Roja festival event. So the format itself is a bit like a poster type, where the meaning of the piece is read fast and with some humor. 

It’s a Cigar Light house related to Rojas sight today. The object shaped  in a manner of mid-war aesthetics and a bit characteristic. Roja today is in a transition from a post-industrial fishermen town into something new and not yet articulated. Probably one of the aims is to reconstruct the old infrastructure with a fish can factory, or just turning the town into leisure and entertainment summer place for Sea sports or better, a culture capital of a region.

This work is dedicated to the first wave of people who left to the United States around the 1920’s. People who left for a dream promised to make true.

The cigar can be seen as a big symbols of promise, while the clouds could remind one of smoke coming out of a cigar’s hot ash.