Performance of the Record Player Orchestra at the Roja Culture Centre.
Roger Clarke performed with his Record Player Orchestra in response to an old Latvian silent black and white film that will be screened at the same time.
The Record Player Orchestra is a performative installation of record players, turntables and copies of a bespoke vinyl record. Musical pieces are created by using this specially created vinyl record that was mastered at the renowned Abbey Road Studios and pressed at the Vinyl Factory in London.

Sculpture – the Roja Static/Rolling Top.
This sculpture has been created by spinning a forming shape around and vertical axis. The form is based on both spinning tops that were once very popular with children and the buoys that act as anchored floats serving as a navigation mark, to indicate reefs hazards, or for mooring.
For the opening evening, the sculpture was freed from the structural device that has been instrumental to its production and was rolled around.